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  • This Week in Princeton History for May 27-June 2

    This Week in Princeton History for May 27-June 2

    In this week’s installment in our recurring series, alumni register disapproval of campus construction, administrators keep a secret, and more.

  • This Week in Princeton History for July 17-23

    This Week in Princeton History for July 17-23

    In this week’s installment of our recurring series, fears of violence turn out to be unwarranted, a student is bewildered by the behavior of the locals during a visit from the U.S. President, and more. July 20, 1867—Physician George McCulloch McGill, Class of 1858, dies alone of cholera by the side of the road, having…

  • This Week in Princeton History for February 18-24

    In this week’s installment of our recurring series bringing you the history of Princeton University and its faculty, students, and alumni, hazing makes national headlines, McCarter Theater opens, and more. February 18, 1878—During a particularly severe outbreak of hazing, a gunfight breaks out on Nassau Street between freshmen and sophomores, with one student being shot…

  • Oldest Living Princeton Undergraduate Dies

    Malcolm Warnock the oldest known living Princeton undergraduate alumnus of all time has passed away at the age of ______.

  • Most used Princeton theses

    Dear Mr. Mudd, I was wondering what is the most popular/most requested senior thesis in the University Archives collection? This is a perennial question and the short answer is that with the exception of celebrity alumni theses, there are few theses that are pulled with any regularity, yet the collection as a whole (totaling over…

  • A lesson for fundraisers: the solicitation process for “A Campaign for Princeton,” 1982

    In a previous blog we discussed the three-year $53 Million Campaign, launched at the beginning of Robert’s Goheen’s presidency in 1959. On an even larger scale was the five-year fundraising campaign that was launched on February 19, 1982 during the presidency of Goheen’s successor William G. Bowen. The goal for “A Campaign for Princeton” was…

  • Keeping the donor base informed: Princeton newsreels, 1960-1961

    During the $53 Million Campaign (1959-1962) a 13 x 10 foot scale model of the Princeton campus  toured 19 major cities and displayed at meetings of the regional leaders of the fund drive. To keep Princeton alumni further informed about progress and developments on campus, the Alumni Council sponsored two “Princeton Newsreels” in 1960 and…

  • Black alumni looking back, 1996

    Harvard offered its first degree to an African American student in 1870, with Yale following in 1874. At Princeton, however, the first two black students graduated only in 1947 and 1948, after arriving on campus as members of the Navy’s wartime V-12 program. Historically the “Ivy League school for Southern gentlemen,” Princeton was a little…