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  • Princeton and Apartheid: The 1978 Nassau Hall Sit-In

    Princeton di-vest! Oh yeah Just like the rest! Oh yeah And if you don’t! Oh yeah We will not rest! Oh yeah We gonna fight And fight And keep on fightin’ some more Princeton di-vest! (Student protest chant, quoted in Princeton Alumni Weekly 24 April 1978) Following the recent “Coming Back: Reconnecting Princeton’s Black Alumni” […]

  • This Week in Princeton History for October 6-12

    For last week’s installment in our ongoing series bringing you the history of Princeton University and its students and alumni, click here. For the week of October 6-12: Toni Morrison is named a Nobel Laureate, an undergrad gets international attention for a physics paper, and more. October 6, 1938—Princeton University is selected as one of […]