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Tag: Westminster Choir College

  • This Week in Princeton History for May 1-7

    This Week in Princeton History for May 1-7

    In this week’s installment of our recurring series, athletes enjoy a special treat after defeating Yale, a student is arrested for participation in “unbridled idiocy,” and more. May 1, 1934—In an interview with Redbook Magazine, Harold Dodds explains how the Great Depression is changing Princeton. In 1929, 20% of incoming students were self-supporting; now, 40%…

  • Dear Mr. Mudd: Why Was There a Woman in Princeton University’s Texas Club Before Coeducation?

    Dear Mr. Mudd, Looking at the photograph posted on the Princeton University Archives Tumblr of the Texas Club in 1960, I see a woman, but Princeton wasn’t fully coeducational until 1969. Where did she come from? Although to some extent this woman remains a mystery to us as well, there are other women we can…