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  • Keen New Addition: Photo Album Purchase Contains Rare Images of Woodrow Wilson

    by Dan Linke With more than 600 books on Woodrow Wilson, including Scott Berg’s recent autobiography, is there anything new about Woodrow Wilson? With the acquisition of the photo album of Paul Edward Keen *15, the answer is yes. His photo album contains a dozen images of Wilson’s 1913 inauguration and his 1915 return to […]

  • New Public Policy Accessions: May – June 2011

    There’s a scene in a documentary about the French philosopher Jacques Derrida where Derrida visits UC Irvine (where he had donated his personal papers). The philosopher, going through the rows of newly-processed collections, comments that the gray archival boxes on the shelves look like little gravestones. For someone whose best-known axiom was that "there is […]