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Record Retention Guidelines and Schedules Now Available

The University Archives has posted a working draft of Record Retention Guidelines and Schedules on its website at (You will need to enter your NetID to access the site.)

These schedules can help you and your staff more easily access record retention and document destruction guidelines for the common sets of records in your departments. This consolidates information from several sources and I hope you will find it easier to use.

Many University employees are responsible for maintaining university records so that the University complies with state and federal requirements. Even where retention of records is not legally required, there still may be important reasons to keep them for the proper administration and documentation of University business. The University encourages all supervisors to maintain good recordkeeping systems, whether in paper or electronic form or both.

If you have any questions, please email me or call 8-4333.

Dan Linke,

University Archivist

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