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Meet Mudd’s Adriane Hanson


Adriane working on the Lee Walp Family Juvenile Book Collection as a processing intern at the Special Collections Library at the University of Michigan, 2004.

Name: Adriane Hanson

Title and Duties: Project Archivist, Public Policy Papers. I am responsible for planning the processing of collections, supervising their arrangement and rehousing, and writing finding aids (guides) to aid researchers in the use of these collections.

Recent projects: I recently completed a two-year NHPRC grant funded project to process 28 collections related to economics, totaling over 1,100 feet.

Worked at Mudd since: October 2005.

Why I like my job/archives: Working in the archives is a beautiful combination of my love for history, my natural obsession with organizing things, and my interest in the preservation of paper documents and books. An unexpected benefit has been being able to work with researchers, learning from them and seeing how my efforts aid them in their work.

Favorite item/collection: A biography of Sir William Arthur Lewis, a pioneer in the study of economic development, written in comic book form. Located in the W. Arthur Lewis Papers, Box 1, Folder 8.

Other information: In retrospect, I can see that I was destined to become an archivist, because in grade school my dream job was sorting mail at the post office.

UPDATE: Sadly, after almost seven years, as of September 18, 2012, Adriane left Mudd’s employ to take a position at the University of Georgia. We wish her well in her job and surroundings!

One response to “Meet Mudd’s Adriane Hanson”

  1. I would like to wish Adriane a happy birthday!

    I would also like to know if she has an active e-mail account, since the ones I have from years past seem to no longer be active.

    I apologize for going about it in this manner, but this is the only way I’ve been able to find her so far.

    Thank you!

    Laura Chapin

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