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R. H. Rose campus stereograph series

Below is the text of an email exchange between University Archivist Dan Linke and David Nathan ’90 concerning a portion of the Archives’ stereograph collection.

Hi Dan,

Here’s a listing with all the information I obtained yesterday, faithfully transcribed from the backs of the Historical Photograph Collection: Stereographs Series, circa 1869-1880. The only thing I omitted is a font issue — some titles appeared in all caps — and the repeating information about “College of New Jersey”, “R.H. Rose”, etc. Any idea where I might look for the missing cards?


David L. Nathan, M.D.

Stereoview Series of the College of New Jersey, photographed by R. H. Rose, circa 1876-1878

Compiled by David L. Nathan, Class of 1990

May 6, 2009

No. Caption on reverse of card

1. Nassau Hall. / Built in 1756. Burned and rebuilt in 1802 and 1855. Original front, 175 ft.; front with towers, 200 ft.

2. Rear of Nassau Hall.

3. The President’s House. / Erected in 1756.

4. Geological Hall. / Formerly Library Hall. Dimensions 68 x 33 feet.

5. East College. / Erected in 1833. Dimensions 112 x 36 ft.

6. West College. / Erected in 1836. Dimensions 112 x 36 ft.


8. Hall of the American Whig Society. / Erected in 1838. Dimensions 40 x 68 ft.

9. The Chapel. / Erected in 1847. Dimensions. – Length of Nave, 83 ft. Transept, 53 ft. Width of Nave, 33 ft.

10. Reunion Hall. / Erected in 1870. Dimensions 125 x 40 ft.



13. The Chancellor Green Library. / Erected in 1872-3. Dimensions – Front, 160 ft. Depth Main Building, 72 ft.

14. Dickinson Hall. / Erected in 1870. Dimensions 152 x 58 ft.


16. Bulletin Elm. / Showing part of East College, Nassau Hall and Chapel.

17. Avenue Looking West. / From rear of Dickinson Hall, showing rear of Chapel and East College.

18. General view of buildings. / Depot and Cars in the foreground.

19. Avenue to Whig Hall. / Showing part of Nassau Hall and East College.

20. Avenue to Clio Hall. / Showing part of Nassau Hall.

21. Rear view of Reunion Hall and West College and part of Gymnasium.

22. Front Campus. / From President’s Residence, showing School of Science, Dickinson Hall and part of Library.

23. Foot Ball on East Campus.



26. Presidents’ Graves.

27. Aaron Burr’s Monument. / Showing graves of President Burr on right and Edwards on the left.





32. Model of a Swiss Village. In E. M. Geological Museum.

33. Interior of Library.

34. Interior of Gymnasium.


36. E. M. Geological Museum. /Megatherium cuvieri. No. 23 Ward series Casts of Fossils. Remounted by Franklin C. Hill, Curator.


Hi David,

Thanks for this listing. I don’t have many suggestions for you except to keep an eye on eBay for the missing cards. Now remind me of your logic in dating the series. We know it has to be from 1875 or later because of the “Franklin C. Hill, Curator” note on Card 36. (He was acting curator starting in 1875 and curator in 1876.) But did you not have another bit of evidence to cap it around 1878?




Hi, Dan,

The logic of the “1876-1878” dating is:

1. Franklin C. Hill was acting Curator 1875-6, then Curator from 1876 on. I assumed Rose wouldn’t have listed him if he were in a temporary job.

2. There are two references to the President’s House. One is an image of Maclean House, and the other is a view “from the President’s House” evidently across the Front Campus, from Maclean House to the east. Maclean House was known as the President’s home until 1878, when Prospect became the president’s home.

3. It is clearly a coherent series, with no evidence that it was produced piecemeal.

If the missing stereoviews could be located, then we might be more confident about the dating. Let’s stay on the lookout!



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  1. David and Dan –

    Scrolling through the Mudd Library blog I encountered the posting “R. H. Rose campus stereograph series.” Thanks, David, for compiling the list and, Dan, for posting it. I have three of the missing stereo cards, so I can supply the titles:

    11. Halstead Observatory.

    12. The Gymnasium [exterior].

    15. The John C. Green School of Science.

    For what it’s worth, I also have:

    01. Nassau Hall.

    06. West College.

    18. General view of buildings.

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