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New Accessions: July through September 2009


The accessions from this period include the results of a 30th Reunion Survey of the Class of ’76 [AR.2009.060]. This accession is one of a growing number of materials that come to the University Archives solely in digital format. Some digital accessions are born-digital (items that originated in digital format) and some are digitized by donors before arriving at the archives. They come to the archives in variety of ways: on a storage media such as CDs, DVDs, or external hard drives, or they are simply emailed to us as a file attachment.

The Mudd Manuscript Library is continually working to find effective ways to deliver digital content to patrons. Many of our digital accessions are made available to the public by linking them directly to our online finding aids. The 30th Reunion Survey Results for the Class of ’76, for example, is linked to the Class Records finding aid in the contents list under “Class of 1976” (see illustration above). Another example of born-digital materials that are accessible through an online finding aid are the Tiger Family Hockey Newsletters. A recent addition to our Public Policy Papers holdings, the World Press Freedom Committee Records, included nearly 1.5 gigabytes of files sent to us on a 4 gigabyte flash drive. Though the records are not fully processed, the electronic files are available via the online finding aid for the collection thanks to an agreement with World Press Freedom Committee.

The following is a complete list of materials that were accessioned July through September this year. As always, anyone interested in additional information about these materials should contact the library through our general email account

Public Policy Papers

Women’s World Banking Records Accrual, 1990-2006, ML.2009.011

Council on Foreign Relations Records Accrual, 1992-1999, ML.2009.012

George F. Kennan Papers Accrual, 1927-2005, ML.2009.013

Hugh C. Wallace Accrual, 1920-1926, ML.2009.014

Martin Van Heuven Papers Accrual, 2008-2009, ML.2009.015

General Manuscripts Collection Accrual (John Biggs, Jr.), 1973-1975, ML.2009.016

William O. Baker Accrual, 1937, ML.2009.017

Richard Musgrave Accrual, 1992-2004, ML.2009.018

World Press Freedom Committee Records, 1978-2009, ML.2009.019

Princeton University Archives

Princeton Athletic News Issues and Football Team Roster, 1963-1969, AR.2009.058

Admissions Office Records, 1950-1976, AR.2009.059

30th Reunion Survey Results of the Class of ’76, 2006, AR.2009.060

Undergraduate Academic Files from Wilson College 2009, 2005-2009, AR.2009.061

Rare Books and Special Collections Permissions Letters and Reference Response Letters, 2003-2004, AR.2009.062

Princeton-Related Postcards, 1904-1905, AR.2009.063

Office of the President Records, Shapiro and Bowen Files, 1969-2001, AR.2009.064

Letters to Goheen and Miscellaneous Princeton Publications, 1967-1993, AR.2009.065

Undergraduate Academic Files from Mathey College 2009, 2005-2009, AR.2009.066

Undergraduate Academic Files from Rockefeller College 2009, 2005-2009, AR.2009.067

Princeton University Performing Arts Programs and Posters and Chemistry Department Materials, 2002-2009, AR.2009.068

Jim McPherson as Mentor: An Appreciation, 2005, AR.2009.069

Nassau Herald of 1915, AR.2009.070

University Chapel Programs and Services, 2008-2009, AR.2009.071

Undergraduate Academic Files from Forbes College 2009, 2005-2009, AR.2009.072

Undergraduate Academic Files from Butler College 2009, 2005-2009, AR.2009.073

Digital Images of Reunion Beer Cans circa 1960-1990, AR.2009.074

Correspondence, Articles and Photographs Related to Prospect Club, 1941-2003, AR.2009.075

Graphic Arts Records, 1965-2005, AR.2009.076

Theatre Intime Records- Performance DVDs, 2005-2009, AR.2009.077

Woodrow Wilson School Junior Papers (Policy Task Force/Conference Papers), 2009, AR.2009.078

Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students Accrual, 1985-1999, AR.2009.079

Class Day 1910 Booklet, AR.2009.080

Richardson Auditorium Programs, 2008-2009, AR.2009.081

Nothing Personal: The Vietnam War in Princeton 1965-1975, 2009, AR.2009.082

Isaac Chauncey Wyman’1848 Correspondence and College Circulars, 1844-1847, 1910, AR.2009.083

Digital Photographs of RBSC and Friends of the Library Events, 2007-2009, AR.2009.084

Photograph of Graduating Seniors at 1947 P-rade from the PAW, 1947, AR.2009.085

Photograph of the Board of Trustees, April 2009, AR.2009.086

Princeton Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Center Records, 1970-2007, AR.2009.087

Princeton Postcards, 1904-1973, AR.2009.088

Memorabilia of Edward C. Eisenhart ’42, circa 1920-1990, AR.2009.089

President Hibben Photographs, 1926, 1930, undated, AR.2009.090

Chapel Records Accrual, 1948-1995, AR.2009.091

Articles on Seth Raynor, Class of 1898, 1997, undated, AR.2009.092

Class of 1944 “Greatest Generation” 65th Reunion DVD, 2009, AR.2009.093

Class of 1969 40th Reunion Arm Band, 2009, AR.2009.094

Princeton Prospect Club Mini Beer Stein, 1950, AR.2009.095

Song Recital Program Signed by Lotte Lehmann, 1935, AR.2009.096

Trustee Resolutions, 1953-2006, AR.2009.097

35th Reunion Photograph of the Class of 1910, 1945, AR.2009.098

Department of Biology Report and Sponsored Research Summaries, circa 1969-1981, AR.2009.099

Miscellaneous Student Materials from the Department of Chemistry, 1992-2000, AR.2009.100

Women’s Center T-shirt, 2008, AR.2009.101

Autograph Book of George W. Mehaffey, Class of 1854, AR.2009.102

Dean of the College Files of FTQs Conferred in 2008/9, 2004-2009, AR.2009.103

Undergraduate and Graduate Alumni Directories, 2009, AR.2009.104

Women’s Center Records Accrual, circa 1990-2007, AR.2009.105

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