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New Accessions: October – December 2009

The Mudd Manuscript Library received seven public policy accessions and 31 University Archives accessions between October and December 2009.

One of the highlights is an architectural rendering of Commencement Hall (now called Alexander Hall) that was published in American Architect and Building News on December 12, 1891. The rendering was created prior to the building’s construction, which began in 1892, in accordance with architect William A. Potter’s design.

First occupied in 1894, Alexander Hall was built to accommodate commencement exercises and other large gatherings. Today, the Romanesque-style structure is one of Princeton’s most recognizable buildings and it is home to the Richardson Auditorium concert hall.


Commencement Hall, architectural rendering, 1891, AR.2009.111.

The following is a complete list of materials that were accessioned between October and December of 2009. As always, if you would like additional information about these materials, please contact us through our general email account

Public Policy Papers

Albert O. Hirschman Papers Accrual, 1939-1969, ML.2009.020

Jeffrey E. Fuller Photographs, 1940-1978, ML.2009.021

Chester Brooks Kerr Papers, 1936-1948, ML.2009.022

Council on Books in Wartime Records Accrual, 1942-1945, ML.2009.023

German Unification: Expectations and Outcomes. Panel Discussion at the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy, October 30, 2009 , ML.2009.024

Julius E. Coles Papers, 2002-2009, ML.2009.025

Robert Ross Papers on Development and Investment in Latin America and Africa, 1956-2004, ML.2009.026

Princeton University Archives

Freshman Step Sing Song Books, 2007, 2009, AR.2009.106

Graduate Student Records, circa 2000-2009, AR.2009.107

Princeton Environmental Institute Publications, 1997-2007, AR.2009.108

Office of the Controller Records, 1995-2004, AR.2009.109

Student Papers, 1974-1989, AR.2009.110

Print of Commencement Hall, 1891, AR.2009.111

Reunion Pins, circa 1980-2000, AR.2009.112

Digital Photograph of President and Mrs. Goheen, 1970, AR.2009.113

Fabric Samples for Class Apparel, undated, AR.2009.114

Office of Risk Management, 1982-2009, AR.2009.115

Dean of the Faculty Meeting Materials and Minutes, 2009, AR.2009.116

Student Publications, Admissions Office Publications and African American Studies Program Document, 1974-1977, AR.2009.117

Lecture Notebook for Class on Natural Philosophy Taught by Professor Joseph Henry, 1841, AR.2009.118

Tiger Family Hockey Newsletters for 2009-2010 Season, AR.2009.119

Administrative Guide, Princeton University, 1972 September, AR.2009.120

Recovered Biology Department Senior Theses, 1974, 1976, AR.2009.121

PAW Photographs Collection Accrual, Alumni Photographs in Japan, 1946, AR.2009.122

Princeton University Register, 2009-2010, AR.2009.123

Office of the Registrar Scholastic Cards, 1973-1985, AR.2009.124

Office of the President Records, 1952-1999, AR.2009.125

Triangle Club, Theatre Intime and Miscellaneous Materials, 1958-2008, AR.2009.126

Princeton Football Silk Scarf and Issues of The College Courant, 1871, undated, AR.2009.127

Building Dedication Materials for Butler College, the Keller Center, Sherrerd Hall and the Carl A. Fields Center/Community House (58 Prospect), 2009, AR.2009.128

Woodrow Wilson School 75th Anniversary and Conference Videos, 2004-2005, AR.2009.129

Office of Information Technology Broadcast Center Recordings, undated, AR.2009.130

The Tiger’s Family Album and Yale Baseball Game Score Card, 1931-1946, AR.2009.131

Digital Photographs of RBSC and Friends of the Library Events, 2007-2009, AR.2009.132

The Princeton Cannon Song-March Sheet Music Booklet, 1906, AR.2009.133

Photographic Negatives of Princeton, 1927-1931, AR.2009.134

Daily Princetonian Bound Volumes, 1974-1977, AR.2009.135

Lecture Notes and Tiger Magazines, 1926-1928, AR.2009.136

Princeton Related Books and Publications and Class of 1926 Materials, 1926-1970, AR.2009.137

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