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New Accessions: January through March 2010, Part I

The Mudd Manuscript Library received 8 public policy accessions and 31 University Archives accessions between January and March 2010.

In January, the Library purchased a rare pamphlet written in Yiddish supporting Woodrow Wilson’s bid for reelection 1917. The pamphlet is one of only a handful of Yiddish-language Wilsoniana known to exist (accession number ML.2010.003).


In addition, in March the Library purchased a personal notebook by James Forrestal containing records of meetings and conversations as well as Forrestal’s thoughts on current events for the year 1949. The notebook, which is typed but contains a number of handwritten items, seamlessly complements Mudd’s prior holdings of Forrestal’s diaries. It is especially noteworthy because Forrestal was in the habit of typing even his personal notes, making this one of the scarce examples of Forrestal’s handwriting (accession number ML.2010.008).


Coming soon in New Accessions, Part II will be an accessions highlight from the University Archives– the Elijah Rosengrant Lecture Notebook, 1791.

The following is a complete list of materials that were accessioned between January through March 2010. As always, if you would like additional information about these materials, please contact us through our general email account

Public Policy Papers

Charles Yost Accrual, 1929-2009, ML.2010.001

Woodrow Wilson Accrual, Elliott Family Scrapbook, 1910-1911, ML.2010.002

Woodrow Wilson Additional Papers Accrual, 1917, ML.2010.003

Woodrow Wilson Additional Papers Accrual, 1917-1969, ML.2010.004

John Foster Dulles Accrual, 1932-1934, ML.2010.005

William O. Baker accrual, 1958-1910, ML.2010.006

General Manuscripts Collection Accrual (John Biggs, Jr.), 1965-1967, ML.2010.007

James V. Forrestal Accrual, 1944-1949, ML.2010.008

Princeton University Archives

Issues of the Daily Princetonian, 2004 February-2009 May, AR.2010.001

Elijah Rosengrant Lecture Notebook, 1791, AR.2010.002

Architectural Presentation Boards, 200-2002, undated, AR.2010.003

Anthony Grafton Lecture on the Princeton Preceptorial System, circa 2006, AR.2010.004

Class of 1908 Reunion Photographs, 1913-1963, AR.2010.005

Office of Development Communications Anniversary Campaign Materials, 1996-2000, AR.2010.006

Annual Reports to the President, 2007-2008, AR.2010.007

Fund for Reunion E-Newsletter, 2009, AR.2010.008

Department of Hellenic Studies Records, 1986-2007, AR.2010.009

Office of the President Records, 1969-2001, AR.2010.010

Board of Trustee Minutes, 2007-2008, AR.2010.011

Photographs of Princeton Buildings, 1903-1946, AR.2010.012

“Nassau Hallmark” Pen and Ink Drawing, circa 2009, AR.2010.013

Nassau Hall Print by Dudley Morris, circa 1940-1958, AR.2010.014

Office of the Registrar Grade Cards, 1940-1960, AR.2010.015

Positive Profiles, by John Chapman Chester Sr. ‘1952, 2009, AR.2010.016

Committee on the Structure of the University Minutes, 1968-1969, AR.2010.017

Class of 1895 Reunion Umbrella, circa 1900, AR.2010.018

The Emerys at War, circa 2009, AR.2010.019

Princeton Tiger and Theatre Intime Materials, 1944-1984, AR.2010.020

Town Topics Newspapers, 2005 January-2010 February, AR.2010.021

Princeton Bulletin, 2007 September – 2010 February, AR.2010.022

The Adventurous Life of Randolph Jenks, 2009, AR.2010.023

Class of 1951 Obituary Research and Bogle’s Common Sense on Mutual Funds Fully Updated 10th Anniversary Edition, 2008-2010, AR.2010.024

Dean of the Faculty Records, Faculty and Professional Staff Files, circa 1990-2004, AR.2010.025

Office of Research and Project Administration Records, 2008-2010, AR.2010.026

Office of Information Technology Records, circa 1970-2000, AR.2010.027

Sheet Music and Lyrics for Princeton Songs, 1906-1914, AR.2010.028

Reunion Magnet, 2010, AR.2010.029

Article on Arnold Guyot, 2009, AR.2010.030

Photographs of the 1971 Addition to Firestone Library, 1971, AR.2010.031

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