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Annual Report 2011: Major Activities in Processing of the Public Policy Papers

As a continuation of our series on our 2011 Annual Report, please see a description of major activities in processing of the Public Policy Papers:

The main focus of Public Policy Papers processing in FY2011 was the NHPRC-funded ACLU grant project, led by Adriane Hanson, which is on schedule for completion by the end of June 2012. The entire group of records, more than 2,400 linear feet has been surveyed, and described at the box level. The first round of inventories for the project (Series 2, 3, 5 and 6; a total of 1,123 linear feet) is complete. Inventories are a mix of box and folder level description. Since the project was substantially ahead of schedule, we then analyzed the inventories and identified 100 linear feet that had been inventoried at the box level but have better subject access if inventoried at the folder level. The students have created folder lists for half of these boxes, and the work will be finished in August 2011.
Other Policy processing projects include the Harold Medina papers, which were recalled from ReCAP with a plan for processing developed by Maureen Callahan; processing is scheduled for completion in fall 2011. The Harold Hoskins and Leo Crespi papers will also be finalized by Dulles Fellow Kate Dundon by the end of summer 2011.
Stay tuned for further discussion of our 2011 work involving processing of the University Archives, accessioning, digital projects, records management, collection development, exhibitions, and more.

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