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Annual Report 2011: Goals for Fiscal Year 2012

To finalize our series on our 2011 Annual Report, please see a description of our goals for fiscal year 2012:

  • Complete NHPRC-funded ACLU processing grant
  • Collection development: continue to build the Policy collections through donations and efforts such as the Baker Oral History Project
  • Implement Aeon for registration and other public service functions
  • Continue high level of public services
  • Begin work on redesign of EAD website
  • Continue to exploit our blog, Facebook, and other social media as part of outreach efforts.
  • Complete Daily Princetonian digitization project
  • Build a records management program
  • Successfully host IMLS intern
  • Continue University Archives processing and description
  • Complete description of additions to audiovisual and memorabilia collections; finish P-collection survey; begin HPC description and cleanup work
  • Provide access to all newly created data either through revamped databases and Primo, or conversion to EAD
  • Continue work on processing and description documentation enhancement and consolidation
  • Formalize plans for start of electronic records management program
  • Shift to electronic submission of doctoral dissertations beginning in Fall 2011

We hope you enjoyed our series on our 2011 Annual Report. You may read it in its entirety here. Check in next year for a review of our activity in FY2012!

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