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This Week in Princeton History for October 24-30

In this week’s installment of our ongoing series bringing you the history of Princeton University and its faculty, students, and alumni, a member of the Class of 1922 tries to avert nuclear war, a brawl breaks out in chapel, and more.

October 24, 1914—Princeton University plays its first game in the newly constructed Palmer Stadium, defeating Dartmouth 16-12.

Palmer Stadium during a game played on November 14, 1914. Historical Photograph Collection, Grounds and Buildings Series (AC111), Box MP73, Image No. 2907.

October 25, 1962—U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Adlai Stevenson ’22 confronts Soviet Ambassador Valerian Zorin about a stockpile of missiles in Cuba. Zorin’s refusal to answer brings America to the brink of nuclear war with the Soviet Union.

Adlai Stevenson ’22 addresses the United Nations Security Council, October 23, 1962. Photograph: United Nations. Adlai Stevenson Papers (MC124), Box 511.

October 28, 1876—Several freshmen bring canes to chapel and a brawl ensues as sophomores tackle the freshmen and steal the canes.

October 29, 1928—The Hoover Club sponsors a showing of a motion picture about the life of Republican presidential candidate Herbert Hoover in McCosh 28.

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