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This Week in Princeton History for July 31-August 6

In this week’s installment of our ongoing series bringing you the history of Princeton University and its faculty, students, and alumni, an Olympian’s visa is revoked, laundry services are scarce, and more.

July 31, 1996—Media Services loses about 30% of its equipment and three staff members are stranded on an elevator in 3-foot-high water when a flash flood fills the basement of New South Hall.

August 1, 1874—Today’s issue of Harper’s Weekly includes a sketch of the finish in the College of New Jersey’s (Princeton’s) first Intercollegiate Regatta on Lake Saratoga. Princeton’s froshes won their event, while the varsity team took last place.

1924 reprint of 1874 Harper’s Weekly sketch from the Daily Princetonian.

August 5, 2008—Joey Cheek ’11 will be unable to attend the Summer Olympic Games in Beijing. His Chinese visa is revoked today due to his outspoken support of Sudanese refugees.

William Joseph (Joey) Cheek, Nassau Herald (2011).

August 6, 1943—Remarking that “One of the newer and more irritating aspects of a liberal education these days is of learning how to wash clothes,” because laundry services are scarce during World War II, the Daily Princetonian offers advises students to clean their clothes as well as themselves in the dorm showers.

Laundry services were commonly used by Princeton students prior to World War II. Undated notice, Historical Subject Files (AC109), Box 374, Folder 13.

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