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Selections from Women’s World Banking Records Now Available Online

By Amanda Ferrara

Mudd Manuscript Library is pleased to announce the completion of the Women’s World Banking records digitization project.

Women’s World Banking (WWB), founded in 1979, is a not-for-profit international financial institution, committed to facilitating the participation of low-income women entrepreneurs in the modern economy at the local level. The WWB’s records document the administration of the organization, mainly during the tenure of its first president, Michaela Walsh. A selection of the records, almost 50,000 pages from over 40 boxes of records from Michaela Walsh’s time as head of WWB, are now online and viewable  from anywhere in the world.

Women’s World Banking Records (MC198), Box 31, Folder 2.

The Women’s World Banking organization consists of an international network of affiliates that provide various kinds of assistance to women who are generally without access to established financial institutions. The independent, local institutions then coordinate with a central office in New York City to provide a variety of financial and training services to meet the needs of women in their localities.

Women’s World Banking Records (MC198), Box 62, Folder 4.

In addition to the digitized records, founding documents, financial records, correspondence, audiovisual materials, and records related to affiliates, other organizations, and conferences are also available. For a complete guide to the records, please visit the Women’s World Banking recording finding aid. For more information regarding Michaela Walsh, please visit her personal website. For more information regarding Women’s World Banking, please visit their website.

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