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This Week in Princeton History for October 19-25

In this week’s installment of our recurring series bringing you the history of Princeton University and its faculty, students, and alumni, two members of the Class of 1979 are running against each other for Congress, the first director of the Program in Women’s Studies is named, and more.

October 19, 1900—Topeka’s Colored Citizen reports that Richard Spaulding, said to be a graduate student at Princeton University, was denied naturalization in a Trenton court on October 16. Spaulding is a native of Dutch Guiana and a graduate of Howard University. “The papers were refused on the ground that the federal laws permit the naturalization of white males only.” Spaulding plans to appeal.

October 20, 1994—Two members of the Princeton University Class of 1979 who also attended secondary school together are running against each other in the Congressional election for Maryland’s second district.

October 23, 1981—The Board of Trustees approves the appointment of Kay B. Warren *74 as the first director of the Program in Women’s Studies.

Pamphlet for Princeton University’s Program in Women’s Studies, ca. 1980s. Historical Subject Files (AC109), Box 51, Folder 15.

October 25, 1911—J. Madison Taylor, Class of 1876, urges fellow Princetonians to boycott any product that advertises using signs. “It would be a delight for the old grads who spin by in the train to gaze once more on the two-mile distant towers and halls of their beloved Alma Mater, freed from Walpurgis Night visions of soaps, soups, sauces and scents.”

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