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This Week in Princeton History for October 11-17

In this week’s installment of our recurring series, an alum makes an influential argument in favor of segregation, a controversial article about Jimmy Stewart ’32 appears, and more.

October 13, 1958—Carleton B. Putnam ’24 writes his infamous “Putnam Letter” to Dwight D. Eisenhower. He argues that segregation is so important that it must be preserved, even if a constitutional amendment is necessary, on the basis that people of African descent are inferior and Southern whites should have the right not to have to associate with them.

October 14, 1948—A controversial profile of Jimmy Stewart ’32 appears in Tiger Magazine. Its authors assert that Stewart is washed up and lacks social skills.

Jimmy Stewart ’32 in Tiger Magazine, October 14, 1948.

October 16, 1997—Blair Hall appears in an ad for AT&T in the New York Times promoting the use of wireless office phones.

October 17, 1875—The campus community attends the funeral of LaForest Dutton, Class of 1879, in the College Chapel, then follows the procession to the students’ lot in Princeton Cemetery for his burial. The Whig Society will wear mourning clothes for 30 days.

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