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This Week in Princeton History for November 29-December 5

In this week’s installment of our recurring series, basketball tickets will get a new look, the press observes expansion of Princeton’s campus, and more.

November 29, 1965—Princeton University’s Director of Athletics announces that tickets to Princeton basketball games will no longer feature a picture of Bill Bradley ’65.

Some tickets for games in 1966 were printed before the decision to no longer feature Bill Bradley ’65, like this one from Yale v. Princeton, February 12, 1966. Memorabilia Collection (AC053), Box 45.

December 1, 1840—A student’s topographical map of Princeton Battlefield is now hanging in the college library. Newark’s Centinel of Freedom recommends it to visitors to the area.

December 3, 1924—A member of the Class of 1926 writes about his experiences with the flour photo for the London Tatler and Bystander. “My regret is that I did not return for a second year at Princeton, and so missed my chance to help in the initiation of ’27! It took some time to remove all traces of the afternoon, and my clothes were only fit for the dustbin!”


This video depicts the “flour photo” tradition as practiced in 1924.

December 5, 1878—“Irenaeus” writes in the New York Observer and Chronicle, “‘Nassau Hall’ was the one building alone in its glory. Now the spacious, splendid, commodious edifices make a city of science.”

A map of the campus of the College of New Jersey (renamed Princeton University in 1896) as it appeared in Scribner’s Monthly in March 1877. University Land Records (AC028), Box 4.

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