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This Week in Princeton History for March 20-26

In this week’s installment of our recurring series, seniors make a fashion statement, a new discovery is poised to revolutionize medicine, and more.

March 23, 1893—The Class of 1893, like the Class of 1892 before them, has chosen to wear caps and gowns throughout their final spring semester. The Princetonian praises this development:

There is no more pleasing distinction nor one that is more in keeping with the dignity of the class that has reached the highest position of college authority and is about to sever forever its connection with undergraduate life…

Group portrait of Princeton Class of 1893
Princeton’s Class of 1893 may have agreed to wear caps and gowns generally until the end of the semester, but in this senior portrait taken in 1893, only one member of the class (see back row) appears to have remained committed to the plan. Historical Photograph Collection, Class Photographs Series (AC181), Box 13.

March 24, 1932—To facilitate spring travel for Princeton students, Ludington Airlines offers two flights out of Princeton Airport today. Students can take the shuttles to Baltimore, Washington, and Norfolk from Princeton.

March 25, 1896—W. F. Magie (Class of 1879) lectures on campus about the recent discovery by German physics professor Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen and the possible clinical applications of his “Roentgen Rays,” which in future generations will become commonly known as X-rays.

March 26, 1845—Famed temperance orator John Bartholomew Gough is in town, offering dramatic lectures peppered with humor about the dangers of drunkenness.

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