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This Week in Princeton History for April 24-30

In this week’s installment of our recurring series, a fight breaks out over fashion, a sophomore dies of a somewhat mysterious illness, and more.

April 25, 1964—Two undergraduates deliver 9,000 three-by-five cards to New York radio station WABC in a bid to elect Robert Goheen, president of Princeton University, as “Principal of the Year.” The votes put Goheen in the lead. Goheen’s prize, if elected, will be a color television set, a high-fidelity radio, and dinner with the “Seven Good Guys” (the station’s disc jockeys).

Janet Ackley '84
Janet Ackley ’84. Photo from Class of 1984 Freshman Herald.

April 26, 1901—The Classes of 1904 and 1903 get into a mob fight over the Class of 1904 showing up to chapel in spring hats before tradition allows them to wear them. The Harrisburg Patriot will report that there are black eyes and bruised noses all over campus, and many hats have been lost, but neither side emerges victorious.

April 27, 1889—On his way to New York to commemorate the centennial of the inauguration of George Washington as U.S. President, Benjamin Harrison stops by Princeton to stay the night with his friend, college president Francis Patton.

April 28, 1982—Sophomore Janet Ackley ’84 dies of toxic shock syndrome (TSS) after a 3-day coma. Her illness is linked to a tampon. Tampons have recently been the subject of a great deal of press as many young women have been dying under similar circumstances. Doctors still know very little about the condition, but a clear connection to tampons has been established.

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