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This Week in Princeton History for November 13-19

By April C. Armstrong *14

In this week’s installment of our recurring series, a Philadelphia newspaper denounces New Jersey officials for not being more supportive of Princeton, a new roof is controversial, and more.

November 13, 1802—An essay in the Philadelphia Repository denounces “The groveling, penurious and ungracious” “people of New Jersey”:

Princeton College, which has ever struggled against pecuniary embarrassments, applied to their assembly for relief. … A small sum was voted… This act of the assembly, the only one ever made by that body on behalf of science, excited a monstrous clamour…If it were not for Princeton College I am at a loss to know what public institution New Jersey could boast of.

November 15, 1933—The Interclub Committee decides to accept a proposal to reduce the cost of eating club meals to 25 cents each.

November 18, 1881—Students object to the new roof on the School of Science, which is now significantly altered.

The manner in which the slate of the roof was formerly laid was one of the striking effects of the building, and, in several places, the style and proportion of the roof would have been materially different had the architects intended to cover it with the present broad, horizonal bands of different colored slate.

November 19, 1915—Kenneth Triest, Class of 1918, has been released from a London prison, where he has been held on charges of espionage on behalf of Germany.

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  1. Every week I look forward to an article on Princetons history.
    The School of Science had a very interesting building, but where was it on campus ?

    • Thanks for reading! The School of Science was at the intersection of Washington Road and Nassau Street, the present location of Firestone Library.

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