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This Week in Princeton History for February 26-March 3

By April C. Armstrong *14

In this week’s installment in our recurring series, locals have started having church weddings, an ad in the Daily Princetonian has provoked controversy, and more.

February 28, 1890—In response to a request sent to him by New York’s American Hebrew for a comment on the subject of antisemitism, Princeton president James McCosh writes,

I believe that the attitude of mere professing Christians toward the Jews has not always been so kindly as it should have been. For myself I can say that I never met with any rudeness from Jews…

February 29, 1860—According to one local report, “The custom of solemnizing the marriage ceremony in the church is rapidly gaining ground in the community.”

March 1, 1999—An ad in the Daily Princetonian offering $50,000 to a 5’ 10” egg donor with an SAT score of at least 1400 and no major health issues in her family history sparks significant controversy, especially after it is revealed that the couple is only interested in white donors.

"Intellignet, athletic egg donor needed for loving family. You must be at least 5'10", have a 1400+ SAT score, possess no major family medical issues. $50,000, free medical screening, all expenses paid."
Advertisement from Daily Princetonian.

March 3, 1961—About 30 conservative students head to New York to hear Barry Goldwater speak at a political rally. There are not enough students to charter a bus, but groups will carpool.

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