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This Week in Princeton History for February 5-11

By April C. Armstrong *14

In this week’s installment in our recurring series, attempts to get students to use ashtrays in classrooms aren’t going well, the library purchases a new subscription, and more.

February 6, 1958—A total of 310 new ashtrays have been installed in McCosh Hall classrooms. In spite of this, many students are reportedly continuing to flick cigarettes on the floors instead of using the new trays.

A man smoking in a classroom with three younger men facing him
Richard C. Snyder (Politics) teaching a precept while smoking, ca. 1960s. Historical Photograph Collection, Faculty Photographs Series (AC059), Box 114.

February 7, 1848—Though the front porticos are still under construction, Princeton’s new Chapel is ready for use, the Trenton State Gazette reports.

February 9, 1968—In response to a request by a graduate student focused on social history, Princeton University Library has purchased a subscription to Playboy. The University Librarian, William S. Dix, explains that one copy will be held in the stacks, while another will remain locked, because “The more lurid aspects of Playboy make it particularly vulnerable to loss and mutilation.”

February 11, 1980—Robert A. Connor ’78 writes a letter in support of a movement to secure clemency for Black South African James Mange, who has been sentenced to death for treason.

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