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  • Dr. Levi Myers and Antebellum American Jewishness

    In our previous research into the earliest records of Jewish presence at Princeton University, we uncovered something unexpected. Our Undergraduate Alumni Records 1748-1920 file on Mordecai Myers, Class of 1812, contains correspondence between Mordecai’s father, Levi Myers, and a man named Cleland Kinlock. Though they do not mention Princeton or Mordecai Myers, and thus would […]

  • An Update on the Earliest Records of Jewish Students at Princeton

    A few weeks ago, I blogged about the search to find the first Jewish student at Princeton. As I noted, the “first” student in any category is probably impossible to determine. However, I was able to find a record suggesting possible Jewish presence dating back to 1859, when Albert Mordecai of the Class of 1863 arrived to […]

  • Dear Mr. Mudd: Who Was Princeton’s First Jewish Student?

    Q. Dear Mr. Mudd, Who was the first Jewish student at Princeton? A. An exhibit at the Historical Society of Princeton speculated that Albert Mordecai of the Class of 1863 was “very likely the first” Jewish student at the College of New Jersey (now named Princeton University). Although Mordecai might well have been the first Jewish student […]

  • Proudly We Can Be Jews: The Jewish Experience at Princeton

    “I never found Princeton a terribly comfortable place in terms of my being a Jew…” –Morton Denn ‘61 In 1993, the Center for Jewish Life (CJL) opened at 70 Washington Ave. The mission of the CJL was to provide a place for all Jews (orthodox, conservative, reform or secular) to eat, worship, and socialize. Although […]

  • “This Ceremony Was Not Sanctioned”: Gay Marriage at Princeton

    With the policy that young lovers of the same sex may no longer sign the marriage register and that Michael Beer and Jason Rudy will have a retractory asterisk placed by their entry, neither side of the aisle gets what it wants. … No one who has attended ours, the most pragmatic of all universities, […]