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University Records Manager joins the Princeton University Archives staff

On January 3, 2011 we welcomed Anne Marie Phillips to the Princeton University Archives staff. Anne Marie is Princeton’s first University Records Manager, her appointment underscoring Princeton’s commitment to maintaining its records at a level of quality that will best support the work of the University and ensure the comprehensive documentation of Princeton’s history. Though part of the Archives, Anne Marie’s portfolio is to serve the entire University community’s records needs.


Anne Marie is responsible for expanding and improving Princeton’s current records management program, which was created in conjunction with the Office of General Counsel and other University administrative units, and consists of records transfer information and procedures, as well as a General Records Schedule. Records transferred to the Mudd Manuscript Library are accessioned, processed, and made available as a component of the University Archives function of Mudd. Anne Marie will be updating and expanding the General Records Schedule, creating specialized schedules for records that are unique to various administrative units, and developing and providing a constellation of policies, procedures, and services that will make it easier for University staff to determine what to do with the records they create and use as they perform their jobs.

One new element of the records management program will be a special focus on the University’s electronic records. As she identifies and schedules records of all formats in offices across campus, Anne Marie will be working toward finding solutions for the long-term management of the University’s digital information. She will be supported in this by the Library Systems Office as well as the Office of Information Technology. Anne Marie will be providing training for any who wish to learn how to manage their records in a way that will best support Princeton’s mission (and make file cabinets, desks, and computer drives less cluttered!)

Anne Marie has a BA in psychology from Wellesley College and an MLS from SUNY Albany, and has held a number of archives and records management positions. She most recently held the position of Assistant University Archivist at Yale University, where she created a records management program that is run by University Archives staff. Prior to that, she worked for Babson College in Massachusetts, the Philadelphia Department of Records, and the Central Administration of the State University of New York.

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