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This Week in Princeton History for May 2-8

In this week’s installment of our ongoing series bringing you the history of Princeton University and its faculty, students, and alumni, the first Triangle Show is performed, two freshmen kick a soccer ball to Manhattan and back, and more.

May 2, 1983—Reporters descend on Princeton University to ask current students for their reaction to the news that Brooke Shields has been admitted to the Class of 1987.

Pages from Princetonian_1983-05-04_v107_n063_0001
Photo from the Daily Princetonian.

May 3, 1894—The group formerly known as the Princeton College Dramatic Association puts on its first show under their new name, the Triangle Club.

Ticket to the Triangle Club’s first show, May 3, 1894. Triangle Club Archives (AC122), Box 1.

May 5, 1957—Two freshmen members of the Class of 1960 return after alternately kicking a soccer ball from the Princeton University campus to the Biltmore Hotel in Manhattan and back. Through this feat, they have raised nearly $700 for an Episcopal charity in Galveston, Texas, St. Vincent’s House.

Pages from Princetonian_1957-05-06_v81_n057_0001
Photo from the Daily Princetonian.

May 8, 1755—Provincial Governor Jonathan Belcher donates his personal collection of 474 books to the College of New Jersey (Princeton) library, instantly making it one of the largest in the colonies.

Excerpt from the minutes of the meeting of the College of New Jersey (Princeton) Board of Trustees, September 24, 1755. Board of Trustees Records (AC120), Vol. 1.

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