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This Week in Princeton History for December 30-January 5

In this week’s installment of our recurring series bringing you the history of Princeton University and its faculty, students, and alumni, the Glee Club breaks speed records in the Midwest, the Princeton Alumni Weekly editor is drafted into military service, and more.

December 30, 1893—The Glee Club’s special tour train sets a record for the fastest journey ever taken from Louisville to Cincinnati, covering 119 miles in 136 minutes.

Though the Glee Clubs referred to themselves as part of “Princeton University” on the cover of their 1893-1894 Glee Club tour itinerary, Princeton didn’t officially change its name from the College of New Jersey until 1896. Historical Subject Files (AC109), Box 193, Folder 6.

January 1, 1760—Samuel Davies urges students to make New Year’s resolutions:

Take some hour of retirement, this evening, or as soon as you can redeem time. Call yourselves to account for the year past, and all your life. Recollect your various infirmities, mourn over them, and resolve in the strength of divine grace, you will guard against them for the time to come.

January 3, 1941—Douglas E. Stuart ’35, who was just appointed the editor of the Princeton Alumni Weekly, leaves Princeton to spend a year in draft camp. The Prince has declared him “one of Old Nassau’s first conscription casualties.”

Douglas E. Stuart ’35 while at Officer Candidate School. Photo from the Princeton Alumni Weekly, August 6, 1943.

January 5, 1976—At their monthly meeting, the faculty ban the sale of lecture transcripts.

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