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This Week in Princeton History for January 27-February 2

In this week’s installment of our recurring series bringing you the history of Princeton University and its faculty, students, and alumni, a member of the Class of 1772 is appointed U.S. Attorney General, the Texas Club forms, and more.

January 27, 1794—William Bradford, Class of 1772, is appointed Attorney General of the United States.

William Bradford, ca. 1790s. Undergraduate Alumni Records 1748-1920 (AC104).

January 30, 1928—Students are assigned to rooms in Lockhart Hall, where single rooms outnumber doubles, for the first time.

January 31, 1962—The Greater Princeton Chamber of Commerce and Civic Council names Robert Goheen it’s Man-of-the-Year for 1961. This is the first such award to be presented by the Council. It honors Goheen’s interest in the community of Princeton as a whole and his June 1, 1961 statement on the university’s role in town progress.

Robert Goheen, center, receives “Man of the Year” award, 1962. Office of the President Records (AC193), Box 374, Folder 8.

February 2, 1951—A group of students forms the Texas Club at Princeton. William B. “Wild Bill” Cassin ’53 explained on January 31, “after tonight Princeton will be well aware of the existence of the state of Texas.”

Letter from William B. Cassin ’53, February 12, 1951, outlining the results of the February 2, 1951 meeting to establish the Texas Club of Princeton. Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students (AC136), Box 17.

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