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This Week in Princeton History for October 30-November 5

In this week’s installment of our recurring series, major renovations bring indoor plumbing to all dorm residents, a self-identified “group of queers” refuses to be silenced, and more.

November 1, 1902—Town & Country reports that Princeton has made significant renovations to modernize, after a summer during which over 300 employees were focused on the dorms.

Hitherto student life in them has been more picturesque than comfortable, the students having to heat their own rooms with coal stoves and having water carried up to them by hand. Bathrooms there were none save in the new buildings.

View of Princeton University campus
In this 1888 view of Princeton’s campus, Reunion Hall, Nassau Hall, West College, and Witherspoon Hall are all at least partially visible. All were in use as dormitories, but amenities varied prior to the 1902 renovations. Historical Photograph Collection, Grounds and Buildings Series (AC111), Box MP18, Image No. 418.

November 3, 1755—Governor Jonathan Belcher notes, “Nassau Hall erected and roofed, to be finished with all expedition.”

November 4, 1895—The New York Food Show votes Princeton “the most popular college in the country.”

November 5, 1992—Three students who self-identify as “a group of queers,” reporting street harassment following Bill Clinton’s victory in the recent presidential election, vow not to be silenced. “And we will fight until we no longer have to be afraid,” they write.

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